Explore a variety of Reconciliation resources

Discover and learn about our Indigenous history and culture with a variety of resources and reading suggestions from the ACT Reconciliation Council

  • The Reconciliation Australia website has an amazing set of resources available.
  • What is reconciliation? – really helpful and easy to read explanations about what reconciliation is.
  • Truth telling – a guide to how we can approach looking at our shared history and the truth about dispossession.
    A key part of truth telling in Australia is understanding our frontier violence.  Newcastle University researchers have meticulously researched the hundreds of massacres that occurred right across Australia and present their findings in an interactive map.
  • Statement From the Heart – the full statement from First Nations about where they believe we should move forward.
  • Close the Gap – the campaign to bring health, education, employment and other life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to those equal to other Australians.
  • Understanding racism and working to eradicate it – great tools and information on anti-racism campaigns
  • The ACT Government Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (OATSIA) website provides information on whole of government services, initiatives, event and grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members.


Promoting responsible, respectful, and honest conversations

Read some books by Indigenous Australians and discuss with your friends. Where to start?  Go to your local library or explore web resources about Indigenous Australian authors.  Here is just a sample to explore:

Webpages listing a range or suggested Indigenour books

Places you can order Indigenous books online from